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Instagram: @arina_gordienko_art


Thank you from the deep of my heart to everybody who were so generous with their time to leave these beautiful, emotional, intelligent, thoughtful and sincere comments on my paintings and drawings.Thank you all for your inspirational support and for generosity of your souls to share your thoughts with the world. To have such a response on my work is the most precious thing for me as an artist. I will always treasure your amazing words.

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Denise Lugo

A contemporary Vermeer!

Can I have your bio-I want to present in my art history class. prof. Lugo CSUCI

Betty Blue

you are truely gifted leaves me spechless just like in front of the old masters paintings I contemplate and learn

Sapoe Djagat ArtSpace

You are a very talented artist, and I love your Art. I'm sure that your Art will take you become one of the greatest painter of the world.

Daniel Genovesi


Miodrag Nadlački

Bravo , Arina !!

Krue del Carmen

cant stop looking at your work so magical

Etezad Motazedi

Brilliant and Breathtaking...........

Katayoon Moghadam

I am Iranian artist and i live in Malaysia for education in fine art in master degree. I'd like for my final research study about your artworks, because i found it too interpretive and on the other hand strong technique with strong statement. I live in the country as a multiple culture and religion and i sense differences and similarity of them also i became more familiar with buddhism and silence in their philosophy. I am interested in your painting whit your idea about this peaceful massages. If you agree with my dissertation about your art, please inform me to start write the proposal for university (UM university in KL). Sorry if my English is not very good.

Cris Roncal

thanks for your kindness and I really admired your being humble even you already have a big name in paintings. you have a wonderful character and amazing artsworks! wow! more masterpiece to come.

Habib Moufaddal

heureux de connaitre une exceptionnelle artiste !

Stefberg Artiste Peintre Décorateur

Superbe travail bravo

Artefackt Graffito Collectiv

it all looks amazingly real and appealing to us, kind regards from france

Jelena Kodzo Vujanic

peacufully fascinating...

Tica Mcgarity

What a beautiful ides for a painting. One single dominant color and the rest in low key. I think that I will try monochrome plus one primary color in my next painting.

Jan Närväinen

super great artworks!!

Raymond Hoggan

What an awesome tool, to visually create words that can speak to all people. What a privileged responsibility to counteract all the horror that so often confronts the world. The salt and the bright Light...

One of the most powerful examples the world has ever seen, of personal sacrifice, for the liberty of others, was demonstrated in red...

Betty Blue

red is also the color of blood, life and death when it escapes, our human condition; red in art isn't like wearing a pair of red shoes, it has a meaning, a power; and red has different shades, it can be use to obtain other colors. It is very pertinent to define its meaning in one's art: thank you Arina.

Brian de Almas

red-cultural understanding in our country is a courage ..

Dy Lay

Arina, your work is very pluriartistic! ;) So great performance!

Isabel Ballard

I find you are very inspirational and your art is like your beautiful self..

Mick Pratt

I`m drawing and painting, and it is Artists like yourself that inspire me to try different things, I will follow your

work, thank you again, and thanks for sharing

Richard Carlton

I love your work's so big and bold....good to see so many people doing figurative work...most of the schools here in England don't teach or even support it...

Marie-christine Tintané

je suis étonnée et fascinée par votre créativité et votre sens artistique ....

 Wonderful work !

Yoel Tordjman

Arina you start with and give inspiration to us. your performance wtih red is impressive.

Susy Grimes

Your spirit and presence lives in your work ....i am grateful to be a friend of yours as you have so much to give and share---my only wish is that i can give something back to you one day!

Martha Laura Yantorno

Querida Arina, en cualquier lengua que sea, hoy ,la elegida, todas son válidas para mandarte un único mensaje...·muy feliz cumpleaños", que la vida te encuentre bailando, cantando, riendo, y conectada, hoy más que nunca con la inspiración y la sensibilidad que conlleva tua arte!!!Un abrazo.

Abdeljalil Marghini

Thanks Arina for sharing this Excellent work with us !

Sara Purtill

Your color choice give such a rich dimension !!

Jelena Kodzo Vujanic

For some unknown reason it is very close to me…thank you for making this esoterically painted work....

Mick Pratt

love your style of painting, I now hope to see more of your work , I hope you dont mind, but I am going to try and do a painting in your style, love the monochrome with a vivid color , it looks awesome, thanks for sharing

Suryo Wijanarko

evrything u do....... alwayz great, nice, beautiful... 3 colors amazing, arina!

Raymond Hoggan

I also have a consuming interest in the makeup of the human, the body, the soul and the spiritual, the trinity…and how one can consciously walk in that reality, and so become the full expression of what is lying dormant in most of society…So your Trinity theme is further inspiration…may you discover in full what you are predestined to contribute to the lives of others...

Lui Móra

Thanks for that, I really think that what you do is worthy of admiration, I saw your work and think you're a great artist, thanks for doing what you do

Sara Purtill

you have such clarity l dont know how you do such beautiful paintings :)

Jude Harzer

Arina these works are powerful,masterful and absolutely beautiful!I love red and all that it,life,passion,beauty and power! Thank you!

Giovanni Carpignano

Dear Arina, your words ("Art is such a powerful tool to bring the Beauty to the World") are really piece of poems... Thanks! Great job!

Raymond Hoggan

… absolutely powerful images. I see it as such a positive statement for the acknowledgement of women…there is no timidity…"we have a place and a voice that is equal to all..." Would love to know of any future work...

Beatriz Oliveira

Thank you Arina. My humble opinion, you're 100% right - art is not only beauty, through art the world is being saved.

Michael Lavelle

Very enlightening!

Stefano Ferrero

Thanks thanks a lot, Arina!! I'm grateful for your great mind: meeting a soul like your soul is a Life's gift…

The power of your paintings raises a new Metaphysics! I love them so much…

I' m also thinking of the "Alchemical opus": 3 stages, the "nigredo" (or blackness), the albedo (whiteness), and the rubedo (redness). Destruction, purification, sublimation. To translate the soul is the Philosopher's Stone... What do u think about?

Carlo Montecatena

Complimenti per i tuoi lavori.

Sei una grande artista e meriti un grande successo

Daniel Genoves

fabulius... for ever... and you level spirit !

Jennifer Yanez-alaniz

Always a special treat when your beautiful art pops up on my home and I share similar views about the world...people. You manifest it through your incredible artwork...mine manifests through my desire to educate all culture groups to hold fast to their beginnings as they become acculturated to our country...thank you...

Jaureguy Moore Mariana


Mary Christmas

utterly striking, to say the least.

Lizzy Newcomb

I love this so much,your work is incredible and inspiring

Maria Pavao-Hadsell



Mégui Sanchez

bravo!!!! sublimes oeuvres!!!!!!!!!!

Mariaeliana Morales Mitallerdepintura

I admire the strong and pure beauty of being an artist, an artist woman

just choose being a women its a strong lesson of action to use that wisdom y chose art, but everything that we do now its going to help to open the path for the next coming artist women in the future, and that fight worth it!

Tim Nguyen

you're amazing artist..i love the red color you made next to the b/w ....what a composition...just love it

Antonio Vargas

Excelentes retratos,,te felicito me encanta ese contraste del negro con el rojo .. Tienes un dominio de la figura humana producto de un fuerte dominio del oficio..te felicito..que tengas un buen dia..saludos

John David Smith

All things have their own have seen the beauty is enough....I am the morning mist; I am here and then I'm gone. I am the tree that fell in the forest.

El Duende Urbano


Onovan Martinez

tus trabajos son geniales, me encantan

Sona Sachdev

Thanx a lot wld love to be inspired by ur work. and make u my guru to guide me in this field. God bless.

Mitra Bhanu

Great Dear....Simply great work...Better + Best + Good = Arina :D

................You Are a Great Artist............Yes Yes and Yes :)

i am really glad to meet you in are a wonderful Artist dear i have ever seen.i like your Paintings so much.and i am trying to promote your work as possible as i can.wait and watch dear the Great Time will must come to you...and that day everyone known you as a great blesses are always with you.. thank you. :)

Elby Huerta

hermoso lo que haces..Arina!

Peintures Patrick Boulnois

Very strong work , I adore.

Mitra Bhanu

mind blowing painting dear...fantastic lighting nd concept..

Andrew S. Arconti

Stunning work, Arina.

Elby Huerta

Precioso lo que escribes

Ana Maria Cepoi

i'm realy impressed about your red, is so red , means so many things, amazing...I feel very small around you... thank you for adding me! beautiful talent!

Ayman Lotfy

Great work i like your lighting so much, and sure the red is very catchy and work with the B&W in a very professional way

Carmen Muñiz Zárraga

Magnifica imagen con tocado rojo.

Marie Lynn Mitchell

Thank-you, so much, Arina. I can feel you as a person behind your INCREDIBLE paintings. So very glad I have discovered them, as they move me. Thanks again.......

Elby Huerta

Precioso lo que escribes!

Michel Boehlé

Painteress and work...both impressing ;)

Ana Maria Gomez Vega

Your work is excellent. really good, beautiful, congratulations!!

Sam Radja

...dramatic red..

Pamela Jonas


Sam Radja


Benjamin's Art

Beautifull, Strong, Present, Now...Well Done

Steven DaLuz

Arina...about 7 years ago I realized I hardly ever

used much red in my work...except to modulate or mix with other color. It was almost as though I was "afraid" of the color. To counter that, I did a "Red Series" of works in 2006, 2007 that ...celebrated the color red in all it's various nuance and temperatures. It's such a "loaded" color. Some associate it with blood, death, rage..others see passion, love, depth of emotion...I wound up doing about 20 paintings where "red" was the star. Now red has become an important component in my works. You, on the other hand, celebrate the color almost exclusively. Against the grisaille faces, the red sings out it does here against all the "neutrals". I enjoy your work. This photo is beautifully composed, brilliant use of single-point perspective,...lyrical and almost disturbing at the same time. It's pretty hard to ignore red! :)

Tamara Kafarova

Arina,I just adore your tryptich in black and white and red...Ingenious!

i found it on web . It just hit me fondly. there is so much of you in these Artworks!!!

SolidLiquidn Gaz

Dear Arina, thank you for the paintings you make plus the concepts you use.

I'm a amateur painter, but you are a very good role-model, plus I think of you as a beautiful person (and I mean the whole package!!! I'm not kissing up, it's just the simple truth).

So happy to discover your works, your way of thinking and so on and so on…

Bill Soares

lindo demais seu trabalho, parabéns!!! Amazing

Patty Sanders

may all gods bless us with a red world and more people like yourself with and enlightened soul.

Frank Penicaro

i love black and white film its rustic and shows the purity and earthiness of and object in its truest form

Selma Kirl

perfect ........

Katerina Dramitinou

excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful ...wonderful ...wonderful…perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zia Zaidi


Roberta Serenari


Mariola Roma

Estoy contigo,el rojo es un color lleno de grandes pasiones y emociones

Susana Maria Rosende

Your work is incredibly beautiful.

Iheanacho Nzenwa

Interesting!! Uv got a very bold expression in Deep Red. Esp d simplistic combination of a sharp contrasting opposite. Its a brilliant n striking piece dat,ll dominate any space. I should see dis exhibition at saatchi gallery.

Matt Foley

Dear Arina,The world seems to have the potential to be a much better place when intelligent, inspired and creative minds are connected.

I hold that inspired minds and creative souls should be connected. It is an arduous journey from cradle to grave, best shared with kindred spirits. With art as my international language, I hope that my imagination may impart something of worth and you enjoy what you find here. It means a great deal to me that you have found me worthy of inclusion in your circle of friends.

Regards, Matt

Simin Arian

dear Arina,I m very glad to meet a person like you, who is a master in painting, and she spent her time, to explain for a person like me ,,,,thats really great! Im from Persia, II live in Germany from 2002,my english isnt very good, so,Im sorry about it,I hope to visit your paintings exhibition one day ,thanks for so many ...information, I wish you nice time, the world needs positive people like you.

Yeasin Hossain

Thanks for everything (your mail, new website providing and make me as a friend) I am too much proud for that coz. I have to learn lot of things from such type of experience people as like you. I am always thirsty to introducing experience full person.

Richard Gibson

Your work is stunningly academic yet ethereal or should I say

topical in nature.

Daniel Genovesi

not only your art is beautiful your painting, but also your person who is very charismatic and full of light. congratulations on everything.

Tony South

Wow, I hadn't realised these paintings were on this scale, it gives even more presence to such beautiful and original work.

Sabrineh Toopchi

your painting is perfect

Odette Farrell

First of all I have seen in real your distinctive self portraits with those red turbans, and they left me without breath...

Now I have by chance read your biography at your website and it really touched me. I am a Mexican painter who recently moved to London and you have inspired me. Thank you Arina...

Jennifer Yanez-alaniz

The red is so beautiful and strong. It seems to give balance to the ethereal feeling it evokes in me. The overlapping tucks and gatherings that envelop you are a favorite image of mine. I go out of my way to find eternal beauty and redemption in all things and there is something so amazing about swirls and spirals. They are forever, and forever is a long time to get it right. Thank you so much for sharing your art ...

Jorge Ralph


Davina Parypa

I love how you painted the portrait. The red linen scarf against the face, hands and arms are striking. The movement of just the arms and head on each panel carry you through each panel. The compositions are very Beautiful and stunning. Your work is incredible.

Jasmine Soliman

seriously incredible and captivating

Suryo Wijanarko

perfect painting...

Tatyana Zaytseva

""Beauty Will Save the World"....and your work is beautiful!

Abiodun Olaku


Lori Carbonaro

Any time I can help spread the beauty in the world and try to not dwell on the ugly is alright with me.....and by ugly I do not mean the appearance of uglyalone, but the horrors of the world that touch each and every one of us at one time or another-some of us more that anyone should have to endure...I thank you for the "Beauty Movement"!!!!!”

I am so excited to share your work with my friends! your photos are beautiful and I am so honored to be a part of being able to "bring beauty to the world - to save it" thank you!"

Margo Iga

Marvellous art work is so vigorous, vibrating, so rich, so strong, just as life is, only not everyone can deal with it and come out clean...

Aliasgar Poonawalla

Its so unique and creative ... good choice of colors too .. black & white pic with bold red color .. stupendous

Michael Solovyev

This is a great job as you normally do. And I really like the size of your pictures. Your pictures are perfect. I take off my hat...

Keith Hiscock

wow, great talent Arina and you use it wisely

Maren Smith Phillips

Powerful work

Lorena Krause

what a great technique !!!

Brandy Saturley

this series makes me feel pride in being a strong woman.

Corinne Dagos

Arina, i love ur artwork, powerful and very feminine too .

Fran Jaume

I love your works, what a wonderful feeling to see your paintings Arina, Breath taking.

Doris Jean Silva

I love your paintings and your own take on art. The woman with the red scarf has a deeper meaning to me from my past.

The red scarf on the woman represents all the women who wore scarfs on their heads to hide their baldness. The red in particular represents suffering and dignity. This could apply to the wars today as well. As a soldier what red means to them.

I read your biography. Sometimes we need pain to set us in a new direction and release the intense emotions inside us. Pain makes great artists as does happiness.

Mariaeliana Morales Mitallerdepintura

your paintings are outstanding!

Dana Marie, Artist

Beautifully powerful works!

Mary Christmas

utterly striking, to say the least.

Unconditionally gorgeous, awe-inspiring, and glamorous!

Irene Rencsi

Goosebumps! I just love this series...and your words as well.

David M Stallings

One can see all around a cult of ugliness. The decent of man begins when he denies God. People then deny Beauty. Next, will be Love. Then, finally, humanity will lose Hope. Beauty is so much more important than many realize. Not only does beauty have the power to save the world, the degradation and denial of it will bring hellishness. I'm glad to know that there are still folks out there who understand the importance of Beauty.

Pervaneh Matthews

Your work is so different and original. Its really very good !

Tomo O'hEimigh

…now I am seeing red everywhere, its a little scary :)

Giovanna Colitti

I think you bring the Beaty in the world, Arina!

Anna Rustichini

thank you Arina ,you are very special!

Star Galler

Really stunning work!

Ct Cummins

I had the opportunity to view your art and your bio. I am humbled. Ct

John Pototschnik

Amazing talent you have, Arina.

Natasa Filipovic

The size of paintings are another element I like, only I have to imagine it, and when I do, it strikes! Not just red and beautiful, but intelligent too.

Adolfo Art Astudillo

Your work seems spectacular, really very beautiful.

Denis Kobzev

Hello, Arina! Your works is enchant and inspire me. Great idea and wonderful incarnation! Thanks for your beauty!

Cornel Gingarasu

Arina, I want to congratulate you for your art and talent

i'm a fan of this

Carlos Sousa

Beautiful...cannot describe..

Leonardo Bartoli

I love the game of contrasts between light and shadow, black and color. Wonderful!

Julian Cloran

Your work is impressive and eye-catching.

Simon Hennessey

impressive work arina, great size as well must have real impact.

Manjunaath Naik

calling some1 in love through ur eyes :)

i like ur work :) it looks like u r rebelling against hate and u want to b in love covered in love :) gr8 works strong

Julio Cesar Ibarra Warnes

Felicitaciones por tu obra, es realmente una artista!

Gianfranco Rovatti


 Glauco Rivera Araya

I´m very impress with your art propose...great!

Roberto Ronca

...I Love Your Art!!!

Oleg Radvan

You are a talented artist, Great work!

Manuel Faliero Lassi

red objects in elegant idea of an Artist who transcends the photographic moment ... congratulations

Anand Shende

very diffrent kind of works...

Richard Kushinsky



Ridha Art Ridha

Excellent works !!

Dy Lay

Of course, Arina's loves is Art With Huge A! ;)

Abigail Temple

Arina,,,,I last had a chat with u at ur show @Chelsea ur fantastic work has remained vivid with me ever since, in fact I come across an art comp just the other day and I thought of u and ur version of the girl with pear earring.

Jean-Marie Chapman

You are an inspiration to me as an artist.

Doctori Sadisco

Scorpio and red is a harmonious equation. Red in chakras is found in the kalachakra, the seat of the kundalini energy, which, according to Chi Gong masters, brings healing, moves objects, start fires.

Marvin Delacruz Santos

Superb works, Arina! Very interesting series and avant-garde...

Tom Adrian Hoffman

I love the contrast of red to silver - it adds so much character & emphasizes the detail in her face - beautiful!

Xavi Guerra

Arina,..your artwork is amazing ,..and the RED,perfect to immediately focus attention on a particular element....

Carlo Miragoli


Suryo Wijanarko

wow...minimalize colors (black n white n red)... but very2 maximal artwork... good good good painting...

Irena Stallard

Great work!!!So little colour and so much expression!!!!Awesome!

Chirag Sainju


Manuel Art

assolutamente straordinari...complimenti sei veramente brava

Christy Lee Rogers

Beautiful words and beautiful work!!!

Daniel Covo

Your works are so special and so unique!!!! Amazing