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Thank you from the deep of my heart to everybody who were so generous with their time to leave these beautiful, emotional, intelligent, thoughtful and sincere comments on my paintings and drawings.Thank you all for your inspirational support and for generosity of your souls to share your thoughts with the world. To have such a response on my work is the most precious thing for me as an artist. I will always treasure your amazing words.

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I have not seen such creativity before. God, this is great.

Daniel Genovesi


Michael De Ruyter Schat

Moving,evocative,timeless and beautiful.

Hind Larhlidi

you are the best ARINA


My name is TAHA, and I am an artist (

(and a translator) from Morocco. Well I don't have much to say, as i went

speechless once I saw your work here ! You are right, it is all about BEAUTY, and I

think the concept is even more beautiful as i discovered that it was you the

model (aren't you?). This lesson says that we don't need too many colours to

express beauty. My God !! it is a really breath-taking art that you are doing here.

let me say this : You are a BEAUTIFUL person.

Thank you very much


Nabeel Issa

Dear Arina, I'm stunned by the poetic and spiritual power of your works.

Giorgio Fersini

palpable intensity ... great job!!

Chaitanya Kumar never seen these kind of art in ma life........

Tara Firoozi

I always enjoyed to see your painting and everyday I found something new.

u become my rolemodel. u r very kind and nice.

I try to learn so many things from ur comment on ur wall.

Keyser Kundalini Genie Solze

Every one of your expressions make me feel your love and want to create more.

I appretiate all art but there is only a few that speaks to me. As an artist I pay

attention to little things that emanate from a piece. Thank you so much for all

your contributions to our field. I love you dearly Arina.

Walter Togni

Grande personalità!

Mohamed Sayade Artiste

Thank you for an honor for me to know an artist like you

Zeeva Natasha Zazhinne

I LOVE your work! got the link via Beatriz Ruiz! I just pared my personal

page list down so I can make friends with artists I'd like to know--and I'd like to

know you! I was born (& raised in) NYC but I spoke Russian first, lived & danced

in London many years ago... I had to make 2 Pages--the ART page is my heart,

my soul, my passion, my life...past, present, future--what I am about & love to

do--share Art, Inspiration, LOVE, Peace & Transformation--around the world! my

Zeeva the Art of Wellness Page is about Natural Wellness--I share articles and

news & I will be sharing stories of a part of my life that by divine grace is past--

I was blind and brain-injured from toxic chemical injury many years ago--THEY said

I'd be blind forever. I was blind for more than 5 years--today I am grateful every

day I wake up and can SEE--so I especially am grateful to see beautiful work like

yours! I look forward to seeing more of it! LOVE Zeeva® LOVE Zeeva®.

Franco Cioni

thanks to you arina! a very special artist and a very special person...

Andrea Aliberti

Hello, you are biggggggggggg artist

Javaid Iqbal

I m your fan ARINA and can not express better than it....I have read your page carefully and much impressed by your career, contribution and very valuable efforts toward arts....we are always in search of beauty and art is the only tool to explore the same...I love you my artist...I am proud of you

and thanks again dear!!!!!!!!Javaid Iqbal Azmi

Enrico Ripamonti

One word: amazing!

Arina, you're a great painter!

Girish Chandran

great work !!! hats off


Thank you for your contribution! It awakens our Consciousness!

Manuel Ferreira Monteiro

No words to describe your work. Genial!

Nicole Hapeman

Arina, when I came across your photo I remembered seeing it in american artist

(if im not mistakin)I had bought the magizine because of your painting. I love

monocromatic works and your use of red pared with the monocromatic models

is breathtaking.I look forward to seeing more of your works.

Lori Carbonaro

Awesome! Bravo! Congratulations! I can not think of a more deserving artist, lover

of life, portraying of hope and even though I have not met you- a person I would

love to get to know!!!!

Pieronymus Kosch

big red dreams

Habib Moufaddal


Nuccio Garilli

Really!!!..........your Picture are Wonderfull,and you have an Especial Vision ..............

Werner Geldzahler

Absolutely fantastic work! Wunderbar as we say. I love the contrast between the

human body and the towel. You are very skilled.

Jack Puglisi

I think your work is unique and wonderful. Phenomenal work

Jesús Alberto Arbeláez ArceCordial saludo

Arina eres una extraordinaria artista!

Te dejo el enlace a mi página

Un gran abrazo

Manohar Lal

Its my dream to study in ARINA college but its can't possible because of some

personal reasons BUT thanks to facebook because of this i can live in contact

with you in touch with u i can learn more and more about art paintings and more

Adham An

Quand je regarde votre artistiques Je me sens comme je me déplaçais avec

lui, et cette dame en rouge va sortir et voler pour couvrir nos visage.

Andrea Lee

You are very talented, love your work!

Noelle Nichols

You are a great inspiration to me. You are an amazing and very gifted artist. Congratulations.

And how refreshing to see such large canvasses

Jeremy G Winter

You are so talented! These paintings are frankly astonishing!

Samuel Turner Portrait Artist

Hey Arina im a big fan of your painting . i have just started on my painting path

and it would be great f you could befriend me so i can learn from you and

enjoy your painings.

Artist Anil Kohli

My wishes are silent but true,

Everywhere they will follow you,

Luck is yours

Wishes are mine, I wish your present & future always shine.

You are a star with the potentiality to shine in the infinite sky of eternity.

Have a nice day..And thanks for add me your friend list.

Receive my simple gift of Love.....THANK YOU

Pierre Boyer

Extraordinaire j'aime beaucoup, je suis tres senssible à ce que vous créér

surtout dans le cheminement phillosophique. Merci pour l'ajout

Vijayakumar Arangod

Very good work and very different 'The red tasted with salt, smelled with the

fragrance of soul...........and the vision with........

Andrea Ferrara

Peace ... is a balm ...Arina.

I hope I have spoken well, already in this first time, the name that represents you ..

They are "honored" if only to see his "Picture".


Balanced ...

Joyful ...

Colorful ...

Pacifici ...

Profitable ...

Lush ...

Thoughts and feelings ...

Andrei Tsouverkalov

Thank you! So amazing and Great Work you've done, Arina!

Keith Hiscock

Those who follow aren't leading and are often many steps behind

Lori Carbonaro

Another fantastic comment to inspire creativity and beauty in the life of everyone,

artists and non- artists alike. Art is a powerful tool! And so is the art of sharing the

love of art, music,theater,literature etc. And there is a woman who has a child or

two and shares her love for them, with them and the world. You Can't get more

RED than that! Colorful is the life of a family and the world is full of color .....

ARtists and non-artists alike! Thank you Arina once again for the beauty of your

work as well as the passion of your words....truly an inspiration!

Ewith Bahar

Dear Arina,

Thank you so much. I've seen your works, hmmmmm amazing ! I capture some

specific and touching messages in each and every painting you made.

Arina my dear friend, it's because of your amazing works which is very inspiring.

I am amazed by your perception of RED that could become a connection of

people from all levels in this universe to give love each other. I've never heard

anyone who gives high appreciation to the colour for peace and love like you

do. Sure Arina, let's save the world in our beautiful way.:)

Dusty Pendleton

i find this to be a lovely package of sensual delights, the visual is so loaded with

the velvety soft impressions that are echoed by the music and vocal presentation

as to make me feel a bit cheated that there isn't more. much more.

Keyser Kundalini Genie Solze

Loves Arina so much for all of her spirit and artwork . Thank you for your inspiration

and visual guidance :)

Peter Gressman

Amazing works from a beauty- and powerfull Lady

Dinesh K. Dubey

all of ur art work is breath taking, I ve no words .........

Lilia Shvartsberg

you are great artist!

Franco Cioni

thanks to you arina! a very special artist and a very special person...

Karakalem Resim Atölyesi

Dear ARINA,..beautiful pictures, good works and awesome...:))

Be great in act, as you have been in thought.


Tara Firoozi

Dear Arina.please let me know, when you will be in dubai next time.

I start painting for 5 years but your painting is someting different,

hope one day i can paint like you.

Thank you again.

Hida Behzadi

Arina, I saw your profile picture in a friends page today. What an amazing work!

The portraits and figures are just wonderfull. I like to know what their story is!

I do a lot of portraits and more than that self portraits. So I am naturally attracted

to any portrait work. But once in a while I come across some wonderfull work like yours.

I see both of us live in London but my London is in Ontario, in Canada.

Your work is such an inspiration to me and it motivated me to think of a new

series of work!

Raymond Hoggan

To be able to find our place, identity, and share the gift we are meant to be,

with those around us, is true worship before our Creator.

Integrity of character is what gives full expression to any talent.

As I have said in the past, Arina, I would love to pop around for that cup of coffee,

and share some of life together. Appreciate your contribution to my life!

Giovanna La Cava

Arina Exellent work.... Bellissimo il rosso orginale, particolare mi piace molto.

Jaymi Zents

Happy to join the ARINA page! Seeing more of your paintings and your philosophy

on beauty and art makes your work even more impressive.

Can't wait to see what you make next.

Iwona Lifsches

Subject: your masterpieces

Dear Arina, I am very much impressed by your paintings and so happy to have

a pleasure to admire all of them. You are a great artist giving people certain

feelings of simple feminine beauty among thousands of colorful canvas.

Would be a honor for me to be your friend, if you do not mind...

Kind regards, Iwona Lifsches

Valerie Edwards

I love your work, it's always so beautiful and inspiring, and shares ideals close to,

my own visions!!...

Edson Barros

demais! genial, meu preferido

Emmanuel Crepin

Bonjour Arina,

Je te remercie de m'ouvrir le portail de ton univers artistique et de ton amitié.

J'aimerais que tu m'apprends à peindre avec ce réalisme et cette beauté pictural

enivrante. Je suis subjugué par ton art...

Mohamed Wagdy Elleithy

thank you, thought i was the only on the planet, or thought it is just a mad thought

Frédéric Lacombe

Impressive... Like a "religious" beauty...

Katya Kalichman

wow it's really cool!!!

Mohan Singh Artist

yes absolutely powerful work......................

Jude Harzer

Arina these works are powerful,masterful and absolutely beautiful!I love red

and all that it,life,passion,beauty and power! Thank you!

Andy Harding

 wonderfuly striking

Rajib Chowdhury

Dear Arina,

I love Red, Black & White. And I love your works.

Wide Shut Eyes/Wide Shut Mouth, Trinity and Angel are my favorite. Beautiful!!

I really admire the words, 'BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD'.



Adriana Ku


Sana Afaque




Elby Huerta

hermosas todas!

Pearleke Pearl

Art is this powerful tool to bring the Beauty to the World ... Fully agree with you Arina ! Xx

Dinesh K. Dubey

lots of work load, I m just ...... I cant explain ....what shades ... fine details…

Shelley Davis

You work is exquisite!

Marisol Solimano

Arina Hello,

I have yet to recover from the surprise ..... what I thought was a picture really is a

beautiful painting. I am speechless by your talent and I congratulate count with

all my heart.

Now I do not know if I can implement my plan ..... are certainly not able to compete

with your skill and sensitivity.

I started painting in May 2009 .... After months of depression due to total apathy.

I did paint my medication to combat this disease of the soul.

At least once a year I need to relax in the solitude of the desert. In fact, I started to

portray ethnic faces of people who have left their mark in my heart.

I'll definitely much to learn from your art and I also hope

to find in a line with your ideas and mine.

Michael Thielen

Dear Arina, "Red Objects in London: ARINA." is simply a Joy. Sincerely, Michael

Yevgeniya Savosta

Lots of positive energy in your work and in your eyes!

Artist fromToronto :)

Pari Vash are great

Patrick Gillooly


I live in central Scotland, and have studied portraiture on and off for the last ten

years. I'm looking to pick up my brushes again, and your paintings here have truly

inspired me. Absolutely wonderful!

Thanks again for the lift,


Nancy Guzik

Honored to meet you Arina.

Cristian Grignolio

Hola Arina, agradezco mucho que te tomes la molestia de escribir y contarme

los inconvenientes que te causa facebook, con gusto buscare los enlaces que

adjuntas y tratare de conectarme por esas vias, tus pinturas me movilizan en

demasía, quizas no sea una de los comentarios que te aporten demasiado pero

para mis espectativas con las obras de artistas, ese, es uno de los fundamentales

requisitos o una maxima aspiración. Te dejo un saludo y un agradecimiento por

lo brindado en tus obras y el trato que llevas con tus contactos, un placer !


Nader Helal