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Instagram: @arina_gordienko_art


Thank you from the deep of my heart to everybody who were so generous with their time to leave these beautiful, emotional, intelligent, thoughtful and sincere comments on my paintings and drawings.Thank you all for your inspirational support and for generosity of your souls to share your thoughts with the world. To have such a response on my work is the most precious thing for me as an artist. I will always treasure your amazing words.

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Bueno Silva

ARINA Dear, you know what? I have viewed all the pictures, all about you, the gallery your OUTSTANDING WORKS of MASTERPIECES.... Words are not enough to give beautiful and wonderful appreciations and comments about your OBRAS... Indeed, I am speechless.. what can I say is we have the same TASTE of color in RED! I am so grateful to be friends in you and so proud to have known you, although its just the thought of knowing you through the great manifestations of your GREAT SELF... A GOD GIVEN TALENT AMONGST WOMEN IN THE REALM OF THE ARTS... Hope to be meeting you in Person Someday and give you my KISS of Respect! Cheers from Chicago!

Sincerely in the World of the Arts,

Bueno Silva

I love your day,I wanna be a great artist, just like you (sorry my poor English Belíssimos trabalhos,Arina! Beautiful...just beautiful, amazing,'re great, Arina!! Thanks for bring to us this wonderful art!!

… just like d effort of creating 2nd Mona Liza..


Arina, I LOVE YOUR ART !!! It really talks to me...The silence, the melancholy, the peace of mind, this red color, this kind of classicism in the painting's treatment And nevertheless so modern, the depth of your look, this particular light...Arina, you're a great artist and i'm proud to be one of your FB friend

I love your artwork DEEPLY...DEEPLY...DEEPLY!!! That's amazing, STUNNING!!!

You already know I love your artwork, but I'll never feel myself tired to repeat that's!!! STUNNING!!! AMAZING!!!

The contrast of the intense colour against the skin tone in the portraiture work is stunning. Your concept translates in a very beautiful and powerful way.

You have an amazing talent and I look forward to seeing your work soon.

I have to say I am in absolute awe of your talent! I can't believe I have not seen your work before and am so happy that I have now discovered you thru fb! Your are very inspirational. I can also tell that you are just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside!

Seda Ozguven Erdogan

Dear Arina, What I wrote regarding your paintings was the plainest and simplest comment possible…they are absolutely more than I could every put into words…Arina, I wish I could look at those faces closely and feel the breath of them... How can a face so real can put up a distance through its grey and then smoothed it with red...I hope to see your art live someday and respect it once again...

beautiful work and so unusual. Your passion is seen with every stroke!!

So refined style, unique and impressive your art work. Technique, composition, ...original point of you ! I wish you success around the World.


all the videos are amazing !!! your paintings are wonderful Arina !!!

Pash Et this one is sublime, keep expecting the hands to move, an eye to blink. its exquisite.

I like the compositions, the expressions, the lightness of delivery, your touch of value against and integrated with the warmth of the red makes for a wonderful series. The contrast of the cool blue skin tones against the warm of the towel... must be truly a treat in person. Each work presents a different sensuous side of the "woman" controlling and demanding that we investigate further asking our questions that have no answers, congratulations

greatest work...

…so you're the one who painted those fantastic pictures!!! I've seen them somewhere, and they impressed me a lot.

I just LOVE your painting and I'm really happy to have discovered eventually the name of the artist!

You are a big artist!

Arina.. .i really love your works..such a talented and humble lady!!! I wanna be as good you...i’re my art icon

Thank you for inspiring us all with your unique style! You're so talented and your work is amazing!

Арина, у вас замечательные работы!, выразительные и лаконичные, короче по-русски: я в восторге!попробую описать.... дело все в том, что образы одновременно очень классические и современные, это сразу приковывает взгляд и начинаешь вспоминать где я видел это лицо?, эти замечательные глаза? этот посыл? ...Caravaggio? ...Петров-Водкин? ...Johnny Michael? .....и через какое-то время до тебя доходит - это вечные прекрасные образы, которые будоражат и согревают тебя, помимо твоей воли...

Арина, я не искусствовед, и не умею писать обоснованные рецензии, или же оценивать тенденции технологий продаж в Арт-бизнесе, я воспринимаю искусство упрощенно, душой, не рассуждая много. Так вот увидел - и радость в душе, и конечно же благодарность!

…и еще, хотельсь сказать, что душевная радость зрителя, это как одна из финальных форм, но приводит к ней классическая последовательность - недосказанность образа или сюжета, возникновение интереса к этой самой недосказанности, домысливание, как итог радость от вывода (умозаключения).

Арина, у Вас создание недосказанности получается просто замечательно!

creation of pure spirit..............

Super beautiful ! You are the best !

So awesome!!!!! I feel lucky just to be looking at this!

arina this is simply amazing........its just full of expressions....deep v deep

I love your high quality work, looking for essential inner light and genesis in the appearance of the hard reality of life

Thank you for your courageous approach and your strong artistic message.

your art work is "Outstanding".....

Ana Podesta, Uruguay, Punta del Este

I like your art your way, your class, simple approach to 2 colors, gray, gray London famous, and red power, magnetism, the caller of energy, only had chance see those pic, and I loved.

love your work they're very powerful it's a great feeling to be that good, right?!!:)

I think you found yourself "in art world"

cuanta verdad!!!

Eres una artista genial! Tus obras son sublimes!

You are a wonderful artist, very unique style, love the RED idea!!!!


I can not believe how beautiful your paintings are

Your artwork is simply amazing... Bravo!

Your work is stunningly dramatic and beautiful

I share and treasure your words...Thank you for your time and space in these inspirational moments...

Your art so subtle, your philosophy of the silence addresses the profound silence which is situated in us, the silence it is this state of the soul when it sings the peace. I am really seduced by your philosophy, you help me has developper my thoughts, with your reflections, I thank you, you are authentic, and the beauty it is when the being is authentic as you.

Your paintings are stunning Arina

fabulous and original work brrrrraaaaaaaaavooooo

Zahvalno lice, a CRVENO se raspričalo!!!

I feel honest and lucky of having an install with your words.

My name is Dexter Misael I am a Mexican painter with 23 years, persons as your sound of the type of persons of which we are learning and learning, one day I would like to be able to see your work in person.

You are a Teacher in this and that tendras a little time to attend to so many people

Elaine Silverman Sturm

Arina, that is beautifully expressed! Your paintings speak volumes!

Sono rimasto colpito dall'immagine del profilo: dalla copertura rossa, d' ispirazione rinascimentale, in contrasto al volto, al fine bianco e nero del chiaro scuro. Bellissimo ritratto...molto interior


outstanding work !!!!!!!!!!

I very much like your work. And, as I have two Chagall prints that are very dear to me and agree with Dostoevsky that beauty will indeed save the world. I liked the presentation very much. In its sparseness, there is richness and an unplumbed quality to it.

Gabriel Buenaño Rugel

Es la verdad,ud es hermosa y su obra tambien!!!!

Beautiful words, beautiful creation, beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing your beauty and your gifts.

molto originale e piena di carattere brava

Increible,êxitos !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in love with these paintings...

Ibolya Horvath

SUPER!!!!! TOP!!!!!!!

Nicole Marbaise III

Beau Vermeer...:-)))

Gracias Arina por compartir tus magnificas obras

María Espí

Magnífica obra Arina, enhorabuena !!!!!!! doubt you have exhibited a very unique I love it and refer to my friends...!

Arina,Your artwork is just beautiful!!!! So much soul in your paintings, so much heart!

Very beautifull, perfect, fantastic your paintings, Arina!!!


ARINA i like YOUR PROPOSAL ABOUT THE RED ONE. is my favorite color because is STRONG VIVACIOUS MAGNETIC. IS THE BEGINIG FROM THE LIFE FROM THE LOVE AND FROM THE PASION. i read the philosophy about red one color from the TIBETIANS and RUSSIANS and I LOVED them. …and the RED ONE MEAN. BLOOD, that's the LIFE FROM THE SOULS


Airina, I fall in love with your paints.

I will try to visit some of your collections as soon as I travel to The United Kingdom, and if you exhibit on Spain, Barcelona, Madrid.. I will try very hard to visit them!!

Everything that happens has a purpose; Every purpose is sculpted out of a dream. And....Every dream is a stepping stone to a vision

May all your Dreams come true, Not only Today but All Days…!

… Your work is so powerful, expressive, and pertinent; you are truly a great artist. I applaud your work

Molto interessante l'ìimmagine alla Vermeer

I am a fervent admirer of his work, works of a sweeping force.

My regards and admiration.

dear... Arina... i like ur paintings with red background... i really worship u... u r one of the best artist. i m still a learner..

you are the best Arina!!!!!

Valen Zaniepsa

So touched by your story & your works.

Roxana Rignola

Arina muchas gracias por compartir tu arte mi admiracion hacia tus trabajos es un placer tu amistad....mis cariños!!!!!!

Andy Harding

just to say they work magic immensely impressive

felicitarte porque son EXTRAORDINARIAS TUS PINTURAS..!!!., ES UN VERDADERO PLACER RECORRERLAS........muchas grácias

Great works Arina! I like so much your paintings. So elegant and original…

‎When you see millions of flowers opening up, remember that God does His work in silence". I think people who paints exercise this way of acting while works. Sometimes we have masterpieces for seeing! Congratulations!

very beautiful... I like all of your painting..This particular painting that reflects the innocence of childhood mixed with the magic of music .. I can listen to music through painting .. You are a great artist .. And I am proud of our friendship ..

Rk Joykumar

The intellectual element is not missed...; slowly inching towards perfection.:)

…these three pieces with their eye contact, straight forward pose that grabs the viewer and commands attention are able to then slowly allow some of the feelings and emotions of each one to be guessed at and considered. there isn't the sense of glancing at a passing stranger at work here; this woman is close, in your face and someone with whom you sense that you already have a past, a connection, even a relationship that allows you to know what's behind the nuances of expression and why exactly.

You always take the time to respond to each person with utmost care Arina. This delicate approach of your's increases my willingness even further to meet you. You are not only a great artist, but also a very precious person. Looking forward to meet you sometime soon.

Enjoyed looking at your art. I liked the way how you have incorporated the colour red to communicate across cultural barriers. Peace and unity go hand in hand. Art is a language...... which has depth and soul.

Dear Arina I like very very much your wonderful and significant paintings, I think you are a very important artist

Arina my dear, I will open my sunday in the FB with your album, because it's really amazing, fabulous, STUNNING!!!

…it is almost unbelievable the psychological depth of your work...Congratulations once again...And be blessed always!!!

Carlos Gallardo Martinez

Tu pintura es como la de los pintores famosos de antaño realista pero con un toque de vanguardia. Fantástico!!!!!!"

Твоя живопись - живопись знаменитых старинных художников реалист, но с касанием авангарда. Фантастический!!!!!!

Inspirational work! Powerful!

Arina just i see your site - Respect - like women with art and power too and i see you with my painters know painters eyes see in the depth....

Pash Ks

Arina, Your art has me in awe, as an artist myself I can appreciate the fine detail and passion.

Its inspiring to see and read about your immense determination.

your work is incredibly detailed as well as titled

*Stunningly provocative beauty*

congratulations on vibrant works of art Arina

..peace and quiet..but...formidable impact

Dear Arina, I like to tell you that your art is a poetry and that I am really a fun of it!

Lovely seems like an almost-abstract part (the red substance, something dancing, sometimes overwhelming...) playing with crude, beautiful reality. Thanks

tus trabajos son estupendos, el color, la composición. Trasmite una sensación fuerte.

This is talks. bravo!

You are a spectacular, very talent artist!!!

One of d rare talent...

trabajos magnificos!

Elaine Silverman Sturm

Enchanting woman and artwork, Arina! You are amazing!

It is a spectacular work!

I love your artwork so much. Your artwork was awesome and amazing.. It gave me an inspiration and I'm envy with your passion.

Gracias Arina, tu obra es fascinante, y tu biografía es alentadora y un ejemplo a seguir, gracias por compartirla!!

Carlos Ramon Turizo Jimenez

espectacular y muy diferente, a gran escala..

I love your work beautiful....

Josi V Kirkby


Ida Bedricovetchi

Art must bring joy and transmit good things I love what you wrote down. 

Uillian Trindade Oliveira

Olá Arina, gosto muito desse vermelho, belos trabalhos, parabéns!!!!!

Santhosh Shivan

it is a great red symphony, super

thanks ,Arina your painting are fenomenal!!!!!!

I just love your art. Thank you to show your work.

just a bonus: you're art is freaking amazing but you already know that):)

Dear Arina,

Now I am your fan. Love your Art, Love your Style and Love your Sincerity. :))

I am just smiling after meet you . ::D

God Bless you .

it is a great red symphony, super

grandioso el manejo del color rojo. y los detalles de tu cuerpo tan reales como en una fotografia tu pañoleta roja da alegria a mi pagina de facebook.

Arina, you are amazing, talented artist.. Your works are very strong! Love it :)

WOW.. just wow.. It is your art, your wonderful paintings which attracted our attention. You are so talented, gifted person... Marina and I are happy to have you as a friend here. Thank you :)

Richard Bello Art


Kristine Daniels

I am in awe of your works....each one a new depth of soul.....

thank to you Arina, Your world is an amazing World!

is an honor to see your works for all to inspire

I absolutley love your art, it's so inspiring and beautiful. I honestly look up to you when painting. I am 15 and I dream to become an artist.

Lc Nash

Amazing Paintings, its a privilege to view them

Molto belli i tuoi dipinti, tecnica accurata e una grande sensibilità - senza compiacimenti - per la luce.

i am a journalist who loves Art and its healing , soul-uplifting sublime power.

My gratitude to you for having me among your friends and count on me whenever you might need something from these central american lands.

Katia Jaszek

..and I've to write it again! I have always admired your art and I shall continue following the thread of your thoughts in your wonderfully expressive and deeply symbolical artworks.. :)

Many of your painting seem autoerotic. There is rarely anything explicitly sexual about them---but they ooze with sensuality.

thank to you.... you masterpiece are simple the best !!!! thank for your art !

That is a very Outstanding and Beautiful Artwork Picture.

Your painting work is unique on this earth.

You added me and may this attachment go forward for till centuries.


Stunning Painter!!

Many of your painting seem autoerotic. There is rarely anything explicitly sexual about them---but they ooze with sensuality.

Glauco Rivera Araya

incredible! very, very cool!

you have such clarity l dont know how you do such beautiful paintings :)

luv your stuff......amusing / bemused

Luz Merly Castro Restrepo


Dear Arina: I want to thank you for responding. A couple of years back, I saw the painting with the red head scarf win a contest and when I saw it on Facebook, I had to get in touch. Fasinating work.

Arina, graces and welcome to these instants of walking along the art. Forms, colors and sounds sustraidos to the wind ... done work.

für mich drückt sie ihre Augen zu fest nach hinten

Ernestina Olvera

Arina que hermosas estas obras , que placer el poder observarla . SON FANTASTICAS

Luz Merly Castro Restrepo

hermoso me encanto!

Thank you for make my heart get happy

Paintings of great

i absolutely love your work Arina. very awesome stuff u have there. havent looked at all of them, but am already blown away by wat i have seen already. keep it up.

I find your work to be so beautiful, powerful yet content ...

Sanjay Jonckheere


Big fan. Thanks for your amazing creations!

you are awesome artist. i love your beautiful creation and iam very and impressed and happy to see your art

Arina, seu trabalho é belíssimo e lhe agradeço por permitir que eu o divulgue em meu perfil e mural. Bjs

Ciao Arina, e un piacere e un onore avere la tua amicizia,la tua arte e meravigliosa, ma la cosa che mi avvicina di più, è il tuo modo di pensare e di immaginare il rapporto con il prossimo. ponendogli un modo di vivere in pace e armonia è in simbiosi con la vera arte. questo è molto simile al mio. basta analizzare i messaggi diretti delle mie opere. quindi io avrei molto piacere di poterla conoscere meglio con il tempo e chissà se non capiti di unire i nostri intenti per il bene dei nostri colleghi artisti e del mondo dell'arte in generale. le persone come noi, muniti di spirito di iniziative costruttive servono alla crescita e al miglioramento dello stesso emisfero artistico sei d'accordo? un grande abbraccio

you are amazingly talented ...ur an inspiration :) god bless..


Love your work your attention to detial is awesome

Sanjay Jonckheere

Восхитительно, просто потрясающе. Искусство в чистом виде!!!

Your art is so beautiful and such an inspiration

Your work is abolutely fantastic!

...felicitaciones el concepto de tu arte es muy bueno...

Surya Eriffin

i like all your deep... technique is good .....amazing

Hatice Değirmenci

Thank you Arina !!You are a big artist. You are good mixed music and paint. We are waiting forward to new great picture..sincerly…

Christina Kets

Amazing art

Dilshad Patha

beautiful & inspiring work !!!!!!!

Paul McCloskey Artist

Stunning work...wonderful to see real skill and talent recognised!!

Emilly Cristina

Arina... your paitings are really expressives, cool

i like all your deep... technique is good ....amazing

flaming beauty

I still can´t believe...... it´s sooooo amazing.... unbelieveble and so beautiful....


Aniel Debaron

Arina my dear...I have no words...JUST STUNNING!!! Congratulations!!!!

It's inspiring ,stunning =)

M"m herself is a panting of God..

Arina, I love your think and images. We do not know each other.

I am very grateful for this encounter, and would like to cherish.

I saw your self portraits at the Mall galleries and thought they were incredible

Dear Arina Paintings. Nice to meet you here!Wonderful, reminded me of Ingres and Vermeer's works!

querida Arina, la agradecida soy yo por permitirme ver tanta belleza y compartirla deleitàndonos a todos......gracias y abrazos!!!

I love the colour RED. Always a challenge to use in paint. In nature it's a less common colour then most. I always find it a treat when it's needed. I enjoy you exploration.

I find your paintings beautiful, an example of perfection in art...

Your work really stands out from anything else on the walls.

Very original work, intense and powerful!!!

trés beau travail..esthétisme sublime rendu foto peinture extra fort trés fort je ressens de la dimension intérieure comme celle de l'espace infini .trés profond... un ange passe...merci

enjoying looking at your paintings ,Very striking !!!

Ariela Widzer

Your work is very powerful. Thanx for sharing